In under an hour, translate your content into perfect
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Our translation experts specialized in creative and technical content will adapt your words in their native language so that they are natural, impactful, and clear for your target audience.


Whether you just need a quick cleanup of simple text like an email or a creative enhancement for marketing purposes, we'll connect your project to the right expert for the job.

Content creation

Collaborating closely with you and your team, we'll write content from scratch in the language of your choice, and then translate it into as many other languages as you need.

Use Mail Billy with

Our platform

Use our platform to manage your projects, communicate with our experts, or to request a quote.


Do you have an urgent message to send your French contact? Billy can translate or correct it for you in an hour!

Cloud Services

Collaborate in real time with your expert via the platform of your choice (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).

Instant messaging

Have a question or need advice? Chat with our experts for immediate help!


What kind of text can I send Mail Billy?
Any communication 600 words, in a language that you would like improved or translated. For larger or more technical texts, please contact us directly for a quote.
What kind of quality can I expect with Mail Billy?
We go well beyond simply ensuring that the language in your content is correct. Our communication experts inject personality, charm, professionalism, and eloquence into your message.
Who are these so-called experts?
These are native born individuals who have at least some professional background in marketing, communication, and/or languages, whether it be higher education or on-the-job experience.
What about confidentiality?
We recommend substituting names of people, companies, or organizations with aliases if you’re concerned about confidentiality. We are also happy to sign an NDA with you.
How can I get started?
You can create an account here, or create a project here and an account will automatically be generated for you.
What are the hours of operation for Mail Billy?
Communicate with us via live chat or email during office hours (9:00 am-5:00 pm UTC+ 01:00). Send us your projects via our platform 24/7, and we'll get the work done. ;)
Do you do English to French translations?
Yep, and English to German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch...
Is Billy single?
Shoot him a message and ask for yourself! ;)

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